Polar sailing requires capability and experience Nick Yates

Polar Capability Forged From Experience

High Latitudes sailing presents many challenges unique to polar waters, and many vessels are simply not adequately prepared to venture so far off the beaten track. Building on our personal experience, we work with designers and owners to prepare boats for the rigorous conditions they’ll encounter. Our specialist advice, whether for a newbuild, refit or a summer’s cruise, will ensure your expedition is as safe and rewarding as can be.

Yacht Design, Refit & Project Management

To get the most polar capable vessel possible, expedition design should be seamlessly integrated into the yacht’s construction. Our team has worked with a variety of clients, including being consultants for Oyster Yachts and project managers for owners, to prepare design specifications on polar bound yacht designs and refits.

Yacht Surveys & Advice

Before we take any yacht to the polar regions, we survey the vessel and meet the Captain. Our advice and recommendations help prepare the crew for what they will encounter on an expedition, and will save you unpleasant surprises when in the ice.

Yacht Purchase & Support

For owners considering a new boat, we will work on your behalf to identify a selection of vessels and advise on their suitability for your needs. From sea trials through to registration and the final preparations before the voyage, we’ll support you throughout the entire process.