High Latitudes can assist in every aspect of a polar sailing expedition Nick Yates

Sail in the World's Most Inaccessible Places

At High Latitudes, we work with adventurous yacht owners and charterers who wish to experience the ultimate in sailing. Our expert team, veterans of hundreds of polar expeditions, prepare you and your boat to safely navigate well outside tradition cruising grounds. Backed by our hard-won knowledge, we’ll safely introduce you to some of the most remarkable destinations on the planet.

Itinerary Planning

Specializing only in the polar regions and returning year after year, we have unsurpassed knowledge of knowledge of these remote destinations. We’ll work with you to design the itinerary best suited to your interests, timeframe and boat’s capabilities.

Permits & Environmental Assessments

We’ll work with the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office to manage the lengthy permit process and environmental impact assessments from start to finish. As a testament to our expertise, the FCO even asked us to write the Antarctic Yachting Guidelines.

Expedition Staff & Ice Pilots

Our staff will accompany you on your expedition, sharing their knowledge and insights while serving in the role as ice pilot and expedition leader. They’ll work to ensure your safety while simultaneously guiding you on an unimaginable adventure.

Polar Survey

Before setting sail, we’ll come onboard and prepare a detailed survey of your vessel on its suitability for polar waters. We’ll issue recommendations and discuss ways that will improve your boat’s performance and your comfort when on expedition.

Yacht Design & Modification

For those looking to spend extensive time in the polar regions, we’ll work with you from the very first stages of a newbuild or refit project to ensure your boat is fully capable of truly exploring in the ice and reaching areas others can't.


We can assist with all the necessary, behind the scenes logistics of polar travel. We’ll arrange required medevac insurance, produce chart lists and cruising guides, procure specialist clothing and equipment and advise on bunkering and provisions.