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Sail in the Arctic, Antarctica & All the Best Polar Sailing Destinations

We have worked extensively over the years with the the best operators in the Arctic and Antarctic. We can provide a one stop shop for full vessel charters or arrange individual berths on expeditions throughout the polar regions.


  • The ultimate cruising destination for any sailboat or yacht, requiring specialized expertise and significant planning.
  • Stunning, icy landscapes and towering mountains provide unworldly scenery. Experience once-in-a-lifetime encounters with bountiful wildlife.
  • Cruise south of the Antarctic Circle, or venture into the seldom visited Weddell Sea for an even more challenging expedition.

Greenland & Baffin Island

  • Despite its relative proximity to North America and Europe, these coasts are still rarely visited and provide a fascinating insight in to the lives of the Inuit people and the wildlife that roams its shores.
  • Explore the dramatic fjords that snake deep into Greenland’s East coast or the magnificent icebergs that fill Disko Bay on the West Coast.
  • In Baffin Island, witness dramatic wildlife encounters, including opportunities to watch polar bears roam amidst the pack ice.

Northwest Passage

  • One of the last great exploration challenges to fall and only finally conquered just over 100 years ago.
  • A serious undertaking requiring a committed expedition to remote and seldom visited areas.
  • Experience Arctic wildlife, Inuit communities, challenging ice and storied history throughout this epic journey.

Patagonia & Chilean Fjords

  • An extensive cruising ground to the west and south of the tip of South America allows expeditions from two weeks to many months duration, providing some of the most remote cruising in the world.
  • Include a rounding of Cape Horn and make a landing at this infamous landmark dreaded by sailors for hundreds of years.
  • Sail through hundreds of miles of sheltered fjords, surrounded by pristine wilderness and virgin forests.

South Georgia

  • Isolated in the Southern Ocean and over 700 miles from the nearest civilization, South Georgia remains a pristine wilderness.
  • Dense colonies of elephant seals, soaring albatross and hundreds of thousands of King Penguins make this one of the top locations anywhere for wildlife enthusiasts.
  • Travel in the footsteps of Sir Ernest Shackleton and pay respects at his grave in Grytviken, gaze at the impressive mountain backdrop or visit once teeming but now abandoned whaling stations.


  • Although high in the Arctic at over 75°N, the island is only a few days passage from northern Norway.
  • The remote northern and eastern areas are a haven for wildlife, and few regions offer better opportunities for numerous polar bear sightings.
  • In good conditions a trip to the edge of the northern pack ice is unforgettable, while dramatic glaciers provide for stunning cruising on the islands themselves.