Polar sailing veteran Magnus Day currently leads High Latitudes Oli Prince

About Magnus Day

Magnus Day is a commercial Yachtmaster Ocean qualified lifelong sailor with over 150,000 sea miles in his wake, most of them as captain.

He began sailing in the high latitudes in 2005 with a circumnavigation of South Georgia onboard Skip Novak’s Pelagic Australis and a trip to Antarctica with 150’ square rigger Bark Europa. He has been back almost every year since on a number of different vessels, skippering Pelagic Australis from 2011 to 2015 on many expeditions to South Georgia and Antarctica, and around the South Atlantic from Cape Horn to Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro. In February 2016 he returned to Antarctica with the original Pelagic, sailing to the far south of Marguerite Bay in an attempt to explore yet further.

Magnus’s passion for polar exploration has also led him to the Arctic, with expeditions to Canada’s Baffin Island, Greenland and Spitsbergen. In the northern summer of 2015 he was picked to captain British adventurer David Hempleman-Adams' upcoming attempt to circumnavigate the Arctic Ocean in one season via Russia’s Northern Sea Route (the North East Passage) and the fabled Northwest Passage through northern Canada.

Having led more than 400 people to the ice on their own boats as well as charter boats, he has gained a broad understanding of high latitude areas and how to prepare boats and people for extreme conditions.

Magnus takes great pleasure in helping clients plan and execute a challenging expedition, as well as accompanying them and watching them grow in knowledge, experience and confidence. He is equally comfortable taking a back seat on an owner’s boat, offering his advice and expertise as and when it is required, as he is skippering the whole voyage.


Prepare for the Best Polar Sailing…and Worst

Developed by High Latitudes’ founders Richard Haworth and Luke Milner, we teach the world's only course that will help prepare owners, captains & crew considering venturing in to these waters. The two day shore-based course covers all the key aspects of high latitude cruising, and allows you to comfortably benefit from the thousands of miles we’ve spent in remote seas and countless nights in icy anchorages.

Ice Navigation

Sailing safely in ice is the most critical element for polar expeditions, and central to creating a remarkable expeditions. You’ll learn about the different types and formations of ice, learn ways to pick your way through ice floes and how to read ice charts.

Heavy Weather

Sailing to remote locations often means encountering  extreme weather along the way. We’ll discuss proper techniques in case of storms, tips to avoid the worst of the weather, proper forecasting and survival techniques in case of equipment failure.


From the Arctic to the Antarctic, our team has spent decades sailing these waters. They’ll teach you about the differences between the two, what each has to offer and what special preparations you need to make for each region.

Safety & Emergency

With little outside support available, polar sailors need to be completely self sufficient and ready for any eventuality. We’ll walk you through necessary safety equipment, first aid procedures, the possibilities of medical evacuations and where you will find emergency assistance.


Anchoring in the polar regions has its own unique challenges. The course covers specialized techniques developed over the years, and looks at how to best run lines ashore and onto the ice, what equipment you may need and managing ice in your anchorage.

Voyage Planning

The better prepared you and your boat are, the more successful your trip will be. We’ll walk you through essential voyage planning steps, including communications, local regulations, chart work and local logistics.